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Prince's palace, wishful Zaoshan come prepared to spend sparse snow to eat a few bites, because all night, a little tired, then got ready to return to the room to rest, and so the night, and so she wanted her daughter to come back, now that she does not may come back, it would not do much thought.But she just went to the door, they heard the door of a small maid's voice sounded:. Princess, Nalan son asked to see.Snow Flower sparse eyebrow, the most recent period did not see him, where he, and thought he did not embarrass Nguyen and the royal family after the man took the hearts of sparse snow still grateful to him, so he waved ordered Please come in coach outlet wristlet , turned around and sat down at the table right again.

A crowd stood outside the gates, they may not enter into the fight was not any way to play, everyone overcast Ao ugly face.But only a little while, then stand on the wall of a man, silver-haired Su Yi, Qing Wu gown swing, remote stand on top of the high wall, like a painting, unspeakable elegant, exposure to a trace of death among city gas, like coach wristlet outlet has nothing to do with the general, lips still capture the gentle smile, a pair of water Tongmou exudes a touch of brilliance, staring at the figure under the city.

Dianwai people desperately ran to the hall, he saw a small head ladies called on Chuanchuan of gas inside, pointing: ? Inside, inside was hurt.Her words did not fall, everyone has ran toward the palace, Moye and string together string together two straight in front of the palace are also among the flowers of a sparse snow agile Moye grabbed the arm to stop her and ran to the palace, Moye took a look at these ladies, she could not help but face the cold, and want to throw a tantrum, a master Taishou we see it being directed at her a wink, and immediately come to understand, the original master has come out, the heart to understand, and quickly pulled Red Red hands, standing motionless in place, until all the influx of people around the Palace Hall, both of them went straight to exercise our powers outside the hall quickly.