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A few of the shining sword, facing Murong Keng, who cut down the knife killed, blood spatter, head neat roll out, a few head rolled to the Meridian Gate High School, the crowd bursts of dilute Calls sound, there screaming, a lot of people did not dare to watch the double death with open eyes of people.Crowd, spend sparse snow and Regulus Jin, who could not help but frowned, they had all thought Murong Murong wind will appear to save the hang of, I did not expect this Murong wind is not even there, it really is wrong with him.Most people encounter such a situation, there will even know will die, and did not think he did not even appear, watched their own father beheaded coach outlet wallet , he was in the vicinity of this city Ling.

Wishful dodge came outside, respectful opening:. Your HighnessWishful quickly to Regulus Yue glanced behind him, did not see the Crown Princess, and then think of last night is Moye duty this morning came, she had wanted to change her to rest, did not see her, I thought she went to the rest of it , is it what happened.Wishful finished, a Taishou coach wallet outlet see a letter on the dresser, and quickly opening:. Your Highness, look, there is the letter on the table.Regulus Yue also found the letter, eager to take the open look, it is left to spend sparse snow letter.Yue, do not worry about me, I'm country trip last summer, will take our daughter as soon as possible to string together string together back, you take care of two children, do not worry about me, I do it just because I'm a Cloud State Prince Princess, but also because I was master spirit bird station, seize the night deep is my responsibility, I am now the first country with him last summer, I will take the opportunity to find string together string together to leave, you do not worry, do not come Xia, a good shake well cloud country, so I came back, we went to Wu Peng country, Cher stay.Regulus Yue read the letter, and not flowery letter exhorted sparse snow as not to worry, opposite his whole body filled with hot anger, mad cried: ah ....

Drop a word he stopped in the crowd thought he was going to kill Prince Barry Brook Lanna country when he unexpectedly cold voice rang again: Since you say you are to marriage, this house does not kill you , then the Palace spare your life. Barry Brook heard this answer, finally relieved, whole body cold sweat DC, repeatedly kowtow:. Thanked Xia Prince, Prince thanked XiaBut under Zhuge owl word, blink took her into hell, or the eighth level of hell that will never bounce back.Barry Brook recovered, screaming, unfortunately Meirenlihui her spring and summer rain a neat, her hands and feet to bet out, much still hear the sound of Barry Brook's curse.Chunyu one, his face changed, and immediately a tear Barry Brook body skirt, plugged Barry Creek mouth.Palace built palace, a bloodthirsty chill, the crowd Tremble, nobody spoke, for fear of the next ones to suffer them, but Zhuge owl has killed a lot of people, killing no longer interested, dark orders : proclaim the emperor died.