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Nalan leisurely lastly dialect has slightly sad, previously bent on revenge, revenge, he did not feel happy, but rather a deep sense of sadness, it seems that all of a sudden nothing to do, so he going back to China Town to re-start.Flowers sparse snow heard he was leaving, my heart actually give birth to a trace of sadness, could not resist opening to retain him:. Nalan, now the country is troubled cloud, to help you stay Yue BarShould Nalan left, Yue as much an arm as a menace, but her words did not let Nalan leisurely stay coach outlet premium , smiled lightly openings.

Darkness fell, the cloud States Prince House, Xuan Yuan Yue and flowers are sparse snow duo sitting room, Ningmei want countermeasures.Regulus Yue opening, flowers sparse snow knew it would be a good idea, but I will not speak of days how many zombies Mu city, killing over kill, however, say that Zhuge owl is simply a malignant tumor, even a day to coach premium outlet kill Mu city all the zombies, he is likely to be transferred to another shop and go to a city such things, so that in order to stop it, the only real get rid of him, but now he is immortal simply not removed.Flowers have been sparse snow heart mind, but do not want to let Regulus Yue know, because if he knew she would never agree to do it, so she would not have told him, thinking he got up and went side, softly opening.

After an hour, the three men out of the gates of the country's summer, and walked all the way to the distant, flowers sparse snow back look that tall gates, and my heart finally completely relaxed, she finally escaped captivity Zhuge owl, for now string together string together to put the Spirit of bird station go, then go cloud country, and Yue Wu Peng went to take a trip to the country, we must find that there are four things in the shortest possible time.Dear who went to the One, One day it is valid, but that pimps out canvassing each child when smiled also to yo drink soon, and lovely beautiful and kind-hearted girl who smiled and roll to vote the ...Xia Prince Zhuge owl back, he was old emperor Xia Zhuge Rin sent to work in two days time to settle the matter, nonstop come back, a return to the summer capital of the country, and even did not enter the palace, they Su Yi into the park visit Susu, two days did not see her, he wanted her, just to see her, his body will not attack the violent factor.