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The living room, see Du fleeting hearts irritable Highness, but powerless, His Royal Highness Prince opening want comfort.This is not only Regulus Yue did not sleep all night, is to spend sparse snow did not sleep, she always nest in bed reading room, waiting for news of Regulus Yue, just until dawn, and he has not come back and spend even books are sparse snow could not stand up, looked out the window from time to time, the sky has a faint light coach outlet , Court also sounded outside voices.Flowers sparse snow outside Moye and call a wishful Erbi came: What happened outside?

Behind the sand honing and Donghua stop: Princess, you do not go in, if infected, how to do?Flowers dropped the word sparse snow, led Moye went in, and wishful A lake also followed with the inside, but go after, smell unpleasant smell and see that disgusting picture , A lake and wishful duo uncontrollable rushed out, and then the big spit special coach outlet spit.Flowers sparse snow and Moye duo touches nothing, just raised an eyebrow, and then began to ask physician: ? Still do not check out.Shed in three physician shook his head, a look of ashes, they not only do not check out what these people suffering from the disease, but also afraid of their own will be infected, so everyone ism.Flowers sparse snow no longer ask them, but walked around those beggars, start checking their heads and faces concentrated sore rash, watching while asking physician: ? What are the symptoms of them.Signs and symptoms of this plague is very much like, but yet not quite like, the most surprising is that their heads high concentration of water, has been kept flowing, flowers and the sparse snow was thinking to go see it quickly pointed to the flow of concentrated sore place, asking Moye:. You see these two look like a canine bite out of the tunnel.

Rin from Zhuge's first go down, walked in front of sparse snow flower, carefully looked at her, even in a coma for the past, still beautiful and thrilling, really exciting, but he have scruples, so sometimes hesitated.Barry Brook heart cursed dog incompetent emperor, obviously think this woman, but why be afraid, still what the emperor, so pretend angry opening: undefined status as one of the emperor, the emperor did not even bother to think, in that case, that undefined status will let her.She said, reaching out antidote to the sleeve begins, pretending to be the solution of sparse snow flower medicine, the old emperor an impatient look up, one hand it prevents Barry Brook action.