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He can not help Xuan Yuan Yue shot, although there is no such text emperor's will, but the clouds country off the Yao country is an indisputable fact that he is the tragic death of his mother Fu Huang, so do not blame does not mean that you can help them.Flowers sparse snow will know his mind, and stood on his position that there is no wrong, so nod.That had a catastrophe, and whatever the outcome of their brother and sister duo without incident.I will go back to visit them, This is the flower for the previous sparse snow contribute teach heart.Take care of Cher, Nalan leisurely Yingqixinchang, turned around and walked out, in fact, he knew that now clouds country mess, Xuan Yuan Yue and Cher really need help, but he can not hand to help, or else he and Renzeizuofu of those culprits What is the difference.Door coach outlet handbag , cream and Afghanistan two openings: son.

Sparse snow flower opening daring hot, pour some called Regulus Yue excited by her a nudge down in the big bed, and then she stood up then sat down on him, stretched out his hand to gently touch his face , that hand is like creamy smooth, gently touching, then people give birth to a comfortable feeling, could not help but close your eyes and gently coach handbag outlet touch the share enjoyment, flower bed looked sparse snow man, lips unconsciously The release of the touch of demon rule smile tonight, let her serve him a good, thinking, slowly leaned over and kissed the Xuan Yuan Yue lips.

Dianwai, footsteps sounded slowly, step by step, as if the pace of death, Zhuge cold alarmed, hindsight felt frightened, trembling opening: ?? Owl children, is that you do is you do.Zhuge cold eyes can not see, but listen to the sound of footsteps with evil spirits, what about the knock in my heart, is very frightening, could not help himself inside shrink: Fierce children, Fu Huang may have nothing to do, she She poked blind eye Fu Huang, Fu Huang ah now see anything.Zhuge Rin deeply regret it, and then remembered something then told: No idea Fu Huang, is the idea of Barry Brook, right, Fu Huang had to let her go, but again let Fu Huang put Barry Brook She left, who know that we are with her road, she poked Fu Huang blind, Barry Brook's hand was she broke.