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Baili Bing already got: Well, not nonsense, we leave back home.Baili Bing heard that, green face, which Regulus Yue is really an outrage, before he was Lanna country Su king, he would lofty domineering, today he is the emperor Lanna your country, but there are still species is he feeling the pressure, it is extremely uncomfortable, but one day, all this will get back to the.Soon fall, people have been out of the room, followed behind envoys Lanna States, Regulus Yue and flowers sparse snow duo also went out with them, think Baili Bing man, Zhi Buding what he made to the country in the cloud For this person, they should take on the villain means, Regulus Yue thinking, then ordered his men to two cronies: Sha Heng, Donghua, and immediately brought a thousand soldiers will escort the emperor Lanna country Izumo, Remember, always send them to the border coach outlet gilroy , can not let them out of the slightest mistake.

Should rain soon, then steep blew toward the dark heard shouts, previously also lurking around the park in memory of those hidden factors guard all the run out, quickly fell behind sideways rain, the dark and the palace guard against relies significantly, seeing a touch fat war.Flowers in front of sparse snow and looked at the situation, although coach gilroy outlet the old emperor is likely to be large color center, so just to see her, but if memory elements out of this park, so she can not do without summer country, so we might as well take him hand, Yi Su Park before leaving again, so I thought, that on the face of the Qing Yan pressing cloth on the bullying frost season snow cold, steep Lenghe.Flowers sparse snow first roar of the meal, the summer palace of the country and recalling the dark Wei Su Park in person, she really was overawed, nobody spoke, seeking only stared at the woman, not only looks dazzling glamorous, Guanghua gestures is bottomless, Tongmou gas that comes out of that sharp, is not lost on any one man, people can not have the slightest protest.

A delicate soft light and shadow, fast out of the Begonia Villa, all the way to the back of the flash to the first village, shape moving wind, the shuttle in the first Shonai, and did not let anyone found that, although there are a lot of guard Manor patrol, but this person dodge very powerful, fast walking, others only when their own trails dazzled.It quickly goes through a person is to spend sparse snow, when the previous dinner, she and smiling inquired after the whereabouts of the golden lion, until the dead of night, the point of smiling sleeping hole, then go alone first village backyard, curious to see what exactly Lion rumors excels.But she did have a smooth entry into the first village behind the Chamber of Secrets, because the half-way line, when someone blocking her path.