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Linger hear the wood so that Du caught some good-looking face, and then came up to check and found that breathing evenly masters are indeed asleep, thinking since the Princess left Highness could not sleep all night, Du Jing David also believes let Highness sleep is down to business, so I would not say anything, His Royal Highness Prince stepped forward to help out pineapple booths, flowers all the way back to the Court.Wood Linger and wishful duo followed behind them, take the road wishful eyes staring wood Linger, a little goodwill on this woman did not, although I do not know why this woman did not show from start to finish of His Royal Highness is interested, or want to marry into the Royal Family's move, but wishful still do not like her, always felt she was too gloomy, and has been quietly stay in Prince Edward House.His Royal Highness The man put her fate, obviously let her go, but she said, and other non-His Royal Highness himself well, since they will be gone.