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Regulus Yue micro point nod, call the Prince of Yan men came and took the rest to other homes, until the close Cham left, he asked Chen Sheng Du fleeting: ? Princess really been captured.DU sparse snow a fleeting flower, then could not resist opening: Miyazato What happened?Du fleeting calm and report it: Seduction princess was captured, sent the emperor sent a message Oh, yes there is a letter.Du fleeting anxious even forgot the previous one, this time to think of it and quickly put the letter out, handed in front of Regulus Yue:. Your Highness, seeRegulus Yue received a letter, quickly open, looked up, spend sparse snow getting in the past, two people face quickly exposed Yin Ao, the original Seduction princess is captured Zhuge Fierce wind Murong life, and think that Murong wind on the palace is very familiar with, in order to catch a man in the house is naturally easy task, they caught Seduction is to exchange Zhuge Ying, Ying that Zhuge Zhuge owl for it, but a useful tool, how he bear to abandon him too, so will come up with Seduction Princess Ying Zhuge exchange for something.Zhuge owl coach outlet crossbody bag , did not expect to actually turn on the Lotus Hill.

Sparse snow a flower to her, could not restrain himself, which is owed to the dead girl a lesson, less clean up, thinking directly towards Zhuge owl flutter past, then the action of the string together string together neat owl arms from Zhuge to pull out of the hand of a Young will be aligned severely beat her ass down, this fight is not about, but coach crossbody bag outlet heavy several times.String together string together first stunned, until they recovered, crying shouting:. Daddy, this crazy woman hit me, you quickly save me, save me.She opens her mouth, took sparse snow more angry, Zhuge owl to go over to see her steep Chen Sheng restrained:. Have stood still, she was my student, can I teach her a lesson pour incredible.

This is obviously an excuse, but she would not let her succeed, we must help the Princess Royal Highness Prince firmly guard, do not let anyone take advantage of.If it was another woman snatched Highness, Crown Princess will come back sad death, she left side of His Royal Highness Prince Edward, can cloud the country is to make people think, for fear that Zhuge cloud country owl hurt people, so she His Royal Highness can not let someone stole the.Du Yue fleeting Regulus, who placed in the room, and then make way guarding, and commanded the smug and wood Linger, who continue to rest, here is the guarding by them.