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Regulus Yue led the two men rode near greet, led by a luxury carriage, sitting back exactly Lanna country Jun Yang Di Baili Bing, heard movement outside the carriage, Jun Yang Di Baili Bing a lift Julian looked out, I saw him dressed in black dragon brocade shirt, his handsome features, skin white as snow, but also reveals a sense of exquisitely carved, lip color, it exudes a demon is Tongmou governance Hongyan, compared to last met, branching off the person's whole body up and down more nuanced, I heard a door he Xi evil power coach outlet briefcase , now appears that the evil power is probably more sophisticated.

Flowers sparse snow Ceshou looking men around, Chun treasure to be found, and that narrow Danfeng, the flashing red-hot flames, passionate, tick the lips is unquenchable joy, this light washes his whole person, jade tree stand away from being in Avon, are like a Dan sketch out a master paintings, make life really no hint of evil.But the bias such a coach briefcase outlet person, but it is not blinking eye of killing, an idea into the magic, an idea Buddha, referring to people like him is it.Flowers sparse snow looked for a moment, not going to bother to recover the sight of him, because she can not forget what he did out.

The early mist, only to hear the two words sounded cheerful and pleasant.After getting up early, Regulus Yue help sparse snow flower comb a chic hairstyle, then take a look in the mirror to her, rope indulgent smile on the handsome features, this 10-day effort, the Cher's basic necessities, are that he personally take care of, to personally take care of her, he felt particularly happy.Flower sparse snow glanced in the mirror, really good, the dish from the bun like a black lotus disc in the head, next to put a few pink pearls, making clear the whole person Yan and juicy, while sailing the comb Such simple hair style is really good, looked up to the Xuan Yuan Yue a big smile.