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Nalan leisurely one melting temperature, sunlight, bright, like back when they meet early, with some facial features Chun in , but can not cover him noble gas, also followed the two men behind him, two men Fung Mo Villa are two assistants, one came in, they approached respectfully bowed to spend sparse snow:. such as seen under the Princess'Flowers sparse snow startled, looked at them, knowing they will certainly be before men Yao country, so will call her so quickly waved: You get up coach outlet bag , where's the princess ah.

Zhuge Xuan Yuan Yue saw the owl, launched earlier could not temper:. Zhuge owl, frenzied you this guy better than animals.Zhuge owl standing on the wall quiet voice sounded, though not heavy, but it can make light of the following people hear the ear.He finished Oh laughed again, and Regulus's face Yin Yue Shen Ao black on the contrary, his mood coach bag outlet now is very good, because he is the winner of this Council, and Wynn do not lose.Regulus Yue heard, anger blazing mad, just like Big Bird-like stature jumped straight to the top of the walls here and there, behind the flowers sparse snow, who could not help but impatient cried:. CarefulBut Yue did not have time to leap Regulus walls, the walls suddenly came out on top of numerous archers, archers who shoot straight at him shot down, he was surprised, stature steep fall, then a bayan, sleeved shirt chess king among Dusk sell out and hit the lever to those arrows bam bam fell under the iron wall.And he can not go down to jump to the top of the wall, Fan Shen also fell behind to spend sparse snow, walls above Zhuge owl laughed: Cloud State Prince still go back, waiting for them to remove it right .

Summer palace of the country, although many palace courtyard, but the room where they previously there had been a summer palace of the drawings country, no accident that Zhuge Ying secretly in her room, so for Xiaguo Huang palace location to spend sparse snow is known, quickly along secluded location out of the country's summer palace.Wait until they are out of the country's summer palace, the palace back to look back far to hear a lot of people clamoring.Flowers sparse snow looked at Moye, a refreshing smile opening:. Let's go, leave immediately summer capital of the country, they are likely to be closed later in the gates.